Sep 11, 2010

Possibly the list for my first try with 40k Daemons

Sep 11, 2010
In light of a possible game tomorrow, i figured I would throw together another 1k list, and try a few units i don't have yet (hopefully i can proxy them at the time)

The list is:

095pt - Herald of Tzeentch - We Are Legion, Master of Sorcery, Bolt of Tzeentch
105pt - Flamers of Tzeentch x 3
120pt - Bloodcrushers of Khorne x 3
090pt - Fiends of Slannesh x3
112pt - Bloodletters x 7
168pt - Pink Horrors x9 - Changeling, Bolt of Tzeentch
-Fast Attack-

075pt - Flesh Hounds x 5
075pt - Flesh Hounds x 5
-Heavy Support-
160pt - Demon Prince - Mark of Tzeentch, Bolt of Tzeentch, Daemonic Gaze

I'm still a bit concerned at the lack of troops, but its only 1k points and I want to give some units a go before I buy them. I'm not entirely sure about the division for deep striking, I'll have to have a ponder on that for a while.


Sep 5, 2010

I Have Daemons!

Sep 5, 2010
Nomnom Daemons

I officially have some daemons now! I got bored with waiting to make a big internet order so bought a few things from the local games store. In the pic you see 3x Pink Horrors, 1x Bloodletters, 1x Daemonettes, 1x Flamers, 1x Dire Wolves.

I decided to use the Dire Wolves instead for Flesh Hounds, because while I prefer the Flesh Hound model, at 2/3rds the price for double the models, I was sold!

Below will be a couple of army lists I'll be running this lot with. I did want to just get 20 bloodletters, but there was only 1 box of them, so I grabbed the daemonettes instead, as this gives me more freedom for a 40k list, and at worst I can fill ranks with them for the bloodletters without anyone minding in the local store.

Sep 4, 2010

The remains of a once mighty killing machine

Sep 4, 2010
Rest in peace (pieces?)

So here is what remains of my bloodthirster. I recall that I never finished painting him fully, and sucked majorly at white back then. Still, he may only have one arm, and may need a bit of touching up, but it was one of my first proper things to paint and it shall be seen stomping on squishy things in the future once more!

The order - Beginning the army

I say beginning the army, I really mean buying the meat and bones of the army. The original idea of start small and work up got thrown out the window when the place im ordering from gives more discounts when you buy more :/

All in all, I think I shall be ordering the following, to add to my currently owned Bloodthirster.

Sep 1, 2010

Second post! Oh my!

Sep 1, 2010
So I have made the list that I shall initially work from for building my starter army. This is a 2500pt list, and should get me well on the way to having a decent army. I'll be missing out on some of the different rare and special choices, but I can begin adding those on for variety in the list at a later date.



Keeper of Secrets
lvl 2 wizard
Enrapturing Gaze
Allure of Slaanesh


Herald of Khorne
Obsidian Armor
Great Icon of Dispair

Herald of Tzeentch
Master of Scorcery

Herald of Slaanesh
Sirens Song

The Masque


23x Bloodletter
Icon of Endless War
(KHerald joins 6*4)

19x Horrors
Icon of Sorcery
(THerald joins 5*4)

29x Daemonette
Siren Standard
(SHerald joins 6*5)


5x Flesh Hound


4x Flamers


Now, I realise this doesn't give me too hot a 40k army, but all in good time! Its just going to cost me to much to make a decent army for both in one swoop. Once I have the main fantasy army set up, I can get some demon princes and probably then be ok for 40k. Besides, this is already a bucketload of painting to do and I haven't even gotten around to purchasing it yet :(

Aug 28, 2010

The Beginning!

Aug 28, 2010
So, time to begin this thing.

I have decided to go with Chaos Daemons, as I wish to play both fantasy and 40k and to be totally honest, get quite impatient with painting. I enjoy doing it, but it always ends up being put to the side and never done. So I figured, cover two games with one army paintjob!

Today I purchased the two army books to cover both Fantasy and 40k. I'm going to be going through and seeing what I want to buy. I have a few things in mind already and will likely pick up 20 Bloodletters, 20 Horrors, 3 (maybe 6) Flamers, a Daemon Prince and 3 Bloodcrushers. This should cover me for about 1k points in both fantasy and 40k, so should be a good starting point. And at 50 models, shouldn't be ~too~ daunting a task to put together and paint.

I'm not expecting it to field a perfect competitive list, I'll worry about that as the numbers increase. I would love to get some Plaguebearers too, but being the only core unit not to get a plastic version in the recent release has put me off them. Getting a decent sized group of them will be painfully expensive (not that the rest isn't, just more-so).

Hmm... what else to put here. I guess a small summary of why I'm bothering to get back into things. Some people at work play and reeled me in after some chatting about it over a few drinks. Good memories of playing many years ago flooded back and here I am! I used to play many different armys back in the day, probably a good 7 years ago that I stopped. Chaos was my army of choice in fantasy back then, but it was a mixed daemon + warriors list. All I have left of those days are my old smashed up Bloodthirster. But hey, its a start! And lets face it, everything else is just filler. Everyone loves smashing things with a Bloodthirster!

Anyways, time to go get some food methinks, I shall ponder on the things one ponders while eating, and possibly update this again later with something if I think of it.

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